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Bystanders was released 26th July 2013 and features guest vocals from Greg Bennick (Trial, Between Earth & Sky). To accomodate the lyrics and ideas explored, this LP includes a 28-page booklet with lyrics, essays and recommendations for further reading.

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1. a new day’s dawn

we still believe that this could be a place to live in freedom and peace. there’s still fire in our hearts, let’s get this done! it’s time to start! feel the anger, feel the rage and all these things undone left for you to care, to make things better, now go ahead. it’s “what we want we must create,“* forget about the mistakes made and shout it out: this movement’s alive! give proof to the world that our minds are still there. refuse, revolt, resist. get rid of those chains that hold you down to the ground. tear down, destroy, erase. vision is clear, the end in sight. walking towards a new day’s dawn. the clouds are fading as we are passing the ruins that we’ve left. the dust has settled and revealed wreckage and debris. we’re standing on an empty canvas ready to be filled. we’ve managed to be able to build from scratch again. it was worth the effort. it’s always been “no pain, no gain”. look at what we have achieved, look at the new legacy. a fertile field for life in peace we’ve created this together, using our minds. that’s why now i can see that this movement’s alive!

* trial: unrestrained

2. this is not what it said in the brochure

i caught a glimpse of what it could be and what it would be like. then i hit turbulence and the wheels touched ground again. back in reality i realized that we’ve lost the trail, otherwise i don’t get why we’re accepting all of this. we’ve become bystanders of catastrophes, onlookers of extinction, the coastguards of floods, the hosts of selfinfliction. a generation too selfish, too greedy, too busy consuming to cope with what we can’t stand... so that at some stage we lost the plot. we live with eyes wide shut and we’ll die with eyes wide shut. i’m screaming for an awakening and i’m screaming for a change. with eyes wide shut we wander through our everydays, where ignorance is bliss we’ll never see things change. we’re so overwhelmed and mainstream-media fed, we’ve become deaf to the screams and the noise of suffering. but firstly, let me summarize the facts for you in order to retrace our steps right to where we went wrong.

guest vocals by greg bennick: but i always did what i was told? let myself forget that those who I’d already seen grow old often seemed to die long before their final breath. the cruelest fate is that no good things come to those who wait. and to die? but i never even tried. i gave up everything just to be the same. and now at the end I have only myself only myself to blame.

3. “gratitude shouldn‘t be the reaction to someone else being slaughtered first”* (No Money, No Funny)

forget about being unique, be uniformed and lined in! so your blood will be the oil for the machine but never mind! eventually, work will make you free! unconditional cupidity has spoiled our mind, we care for our own profit and leave others behind. make sure you’ve got everything you can afford. welcome to our world of greed: “i don’t need it but i want it before someone else can take it away.” we don’t even try to construct any bridges – we burn them down and build walls. we keep pushing and fighting, until compassion is gone. out of sight the things that really count in life. hands pulled away, someone kicked deeper into the mud, a frigid world without any heart. we’re socially conditioned to act as if “the i” is more and everybody else is less. our sick narcissism is telling us to benefit no one but ourselves. catch up, catch up, don’t fall behind! this is life’s busy race, keep the pace! take it, take it, don’t give a shit! this is life’s greed-trap and you got caught in it. be faster, be stronger, try to last longer! they’re all enemies, leave ‘em behind! the “machinery that gives abundance has left us in want”, turned us into “machine men with machine minds and machine hearts”.** who’s #1 in the championship of life? we yearn for more and more, with one eye on our triumph and the other on the score.

* aus-rotten: the dying and the dead / ** the great dictator

4. the way of the world

the “world police” are invading middle-east countries under false pretenses to steal natural resources and implement permanent military bases to create a fascist police state. they try to shape the world by their design and manifest their destiny. they try to shape the world by their design and expand their hegemony. the world bank and the imf put third world countries into irredeemable debt, destroy their cultures and implement them into the global banking system. we need to break through their modes of control and stop their scheming.

5. holy shit, the atheist suicide bombers are coming to fly planes into jesus camp!!!

we witness the indoctrination of a “civilized” western nation; blind worship lead to denial of evolution and replaced it with creation. fundamentalists gathering children on their pillage crusade. we see it, can’t believe it, but to speak out against religion some are just too afraid. justification by “holy words” enables to uncovered depravity. on their mission to breed warriors they’d even deny gravity. “i wanna see young people who are as committed to the cause of jesus christ as the young people are to the cause of islam.” religious fanaticism has never changed anything to the better. excuse me but this is the truth! misled to shed every selfmade thought, deceived to believe in the stories that they’re sold. how many children have been told this “truth”? why bother? let’s fuck up their youth! now here’s a truth that you can’t maim: i’ve got a reason to live, you’ve got a reason to die. i’ve got a reason to breath, you’ve got a reason to sigh. and what about “separate the church and state”, i know islamic countries which have a cleaner slate. put radical christians in the position of the most powerful men on earth and you get justice and peace as unreal as the virgin birth. a thousand gods, a thousand wars. a thousand lies. only one truth: believe in yourself!

6. one slice of the occupie, please

dollar, dollar on the wall, make me rich and fuck ‘em all! this current crisis which we’re all facing is not the result of the selfishness of a few investment bankers. it is the inevitable consequence of an economic system that rewards cut-throat competition at every level of society. a system driven by competition for ever-increasing profit cannot be sustained perpetually, as one day everything that can be bought and sold will be capital held in the hands of a few. now that almost everything has been fed into the fire, the system is collapsing and it’s leaving even its former beneficiaries out in the cold. without redistributing wealth the economic cycle stops and the profits dry up, which leads to higher unemployment rates. therefore, no more real products can be sold and capitalists can continue making profits only by speculating on future returns. but like any house of cards, debt can’t be built up forever. eventually someone calls it in. the house of cards collapsed under its own weight in 2008, when it occurred even to the last one that the expected future returns could never materialize. so why are we still fed with scraps from the table of an oligarchic few? why are we still taking part in the annual stockmarket crash derby? we are the voice that’s speaking out against your gambling with lives, we will speak out against your greed crimes behind drawn velvet curtains and we will take back what has been ours all along! we take out loans and struggle to pay rent while you bathe in your money bins and figure out “new ways to rob hard-working people blind”*. we’ve had enough time’s come for us to rise! we are the voice of all who’ve put their trust in your system that’s failed. your system has failed!

*25th hour

7. taken by storm – even the mona lisa decays

every day is a quest, every hour a storm. every minute you waste is a minute to mourn. every dollar you save is a minute lost. walking towards our grave is money worth its cost? this life is way too short to blind yourself, to mislead yourself and to dedicate even one precious second to something that’s not worth it. and on my deathbed i don’t wanna hear myself go “just one more day”, i wanna have got it made. i don’t want my dreams, that once seemed so nearby to become splinters in my heart, aching when another chance is passing by. i don’t want to be a slave to my fears, waste all of these years, subdue my emotions while standing in the back telling myself lies. “every second is one more heartbeat ticking away.”* every second is a chance slipping through our hands. what are we striving for? what am i writing for? what are we striving for? is my time well wasted?

* greg bennick: between earth & sky

8. a colossal stockroom full of big fat ‘fuck yous‘ just for you (Only Limited Amount Available, So Call Quick and Get an Ass-Kick for Free)

it’s only another gearwheel in the machinery of moneymaking, an industrial product-produced just to be sold. i see “revolution” written on their flags as they’re tryin’ to sell the same oversea-produced exploitation goods. do you think that nike or vans care about this music or the ideas and the way of life for which it stands? me, you, our friends and this whole scene ain’t nothing but a market place. don’t be their minion, don’t help them to create the illusion that shoes are a statement of belief! their consumer-breeding promotion squads a.k.a. your favorite punk rock bands are now puppets on the strings of venture capitalists, the fertilizer for the money trees cultured by conscienceless neoliberalists. this is not a fucking masked ball, it’s a place where you could be yourself and oughta be yourself. so, you canting profit junkies, write this in your fuckin’ zine: “fuck posing, little hypocrites defining themselves through their consume, begging for cameras, to picture their costume. and those brands pretending that they care about the message from our hearts shouted out loud... well, fuck ‘em all and let an anarchist god sort ‘em out.”

9. residenzpflicht im lagerland – Part I
A Mediterranean Sea Cruise on a Swimming Door

i left my home for it was the only chance i had to survive. i sought peace, hope and a dignified life. on my arrival i was crammed into a train and brought to a camp, where i’m fed with the scraps from your tables. isolated from the outside world in a decaying stuffy building, on the outskirts of this town. left to rot in this place without the chance to assimilate. and i can’t return to my home, ‘cause it’s a home of broken glass. unwritten future, erasing the past. trying to forget what i’ve seen. it wasn’t easy to leave my family and my friends behind.

10. residenzpflicht im lagerland – Part II
From Tragedy to Disaster

they flee misery in their countries by the thousands. flee repression and persecution. willing to cross the mediterranean sea on overcrowded boats or makeshift floats and rafts. while frontex keeps ignoring human rights and asylum laws to hold the european fortress, fifteenhundred people die each year in the attempt to cross european borders. the mediterranean sea is a graveyard for thousands of migrants and refugees, desperately seeking survival and a dignified life in the stronghold europe. we need to break away from such inhuman policies! we need to scrape these laws and abolish all these camps! as they cast such a strange light on the shadows of our past. in not helping we act as an accessory to murder. i’d rather face the problem than to wash my hands in blood. you don’t think it’s easy to leave your family in a warzone, do you? i wouldn’t bet on you making it even just one day in these people’s shoes. it’s not easy to imagine a world in which you’re forced to flee, is it? we’re used to our safety but their frontyards are minefields, their sidewalks are trenches and our shutting off is spelling their doom.

11. residenzpflicht im lagerland – Part III
Swept Under the Carpet but Free at Last

asylum seekers live in total socialexclusion and under degrading circumstances. they’re assigned food packages, regardless of their religious or ethical dietary choices. the fundamental right of freedom of movement is restricted to those that fled oppression. we imprison them and alienate them from society. it’s like living in a holding pattern, like living in a waiting room. waiting on their deportation. we hide them away from the public eye, in order to wash our hands of bad conscience. and then we close the case. they’re free now – free – free to leave for home.

12. eulogy

here at this final hour, in this quiet place we’ve come to bid farewell. as far from new as before, as far from change as ever, as far from the truth as lies. arise!

Disappointment, Disapproval, Disbelief

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The handrail on our way to idiocracy

"And there was a time in this country, a long time ago, when reading wasn't just for fags neither was writing. People wrote books and movies, movies that had stories so you cared whose ass it was and why it was farting, and I believe that time can come again!" - Idiocracy We live in prosperity in such an enlightened, modern nation, where the truth is distorted, starting off with education. There's a whole generation suffering from mind deflation, the monotonic flickering sent their brains on vacation. But these pictures are just the society's reflection, the log of our dumbing-down and our "lack-of-interest infection". School desks filled with moronic girls and insane boys, who don't know how to read, but are drowning in toys. In this world of too much noise! Oppressed without force, silenced without gag. The modes of control they have prevailed. Moving pictures to rock the cradles, empty phrases to mesmerize. A mass-Ritalin to be an anchor in the haste of life. Communication's death by one-way-conversations suffocated the last bit of intelligence, in the wasted minds of the sedated, apathetic nation. Consume-seductions, brainless "whores" and steroid-freaks - as if there was nothing else. But who's to blame? We can't complain, it's a portrait painted by ourselves.


"Schau hi do liegt de Waid im Dreg und olle midanand schaund weg. Andasd wiads ned vo aloa, do meas ma scho wos doa." - Miserablige Hundsbuam I say it's time to make a stand, let's turn these common wrongs to ethically acceptable rights. There are alternatives. Let's cut the blinds! We might not change the whole world, but at least ourselves and create a Mexican-standoff by displaying our discontent about our surroundings! "We must be the change we wish to see"* You can't make the difference? Well, your faineance can! You can see reason and care for someone else, or keep your selfish way of disregard and disrespect. Since I got my eyes opened by "the sound of change", I doubt what's fed to us and began to think for myself, to make decisions with my mind and my heart. There is suffering, pain and tragedy in our world, but the day you close your eyes to it, your heart will die by the bitterness you feed to it. As soon as you don't want to face it, don't stand against it in any way, you might as well embrace it. (* Mahatma Gandhi)

3. HORUS OF DISAPPROVAL - Adding God to Misery

"Full-size lies, lies life-size. You stand for everything I despise!" - Chorus of Disapproval This one's for the lie-infected youth, misled by empty promises. What good is searching when there's nothing to find? It's fraud - in the absence of mind. Made up from samples of old lores, then translated and translated again. Faith-by-numbers, not a dogma, not even close. It's not an answer and it never was, it's a bloodline through the ages, with cruelty filling pages. No "higher wisdom" is found in the words of these storytellers. You ignore the bequested evidence of genocide, raped cultures and stolen lands in the name of "holiness"; ignore the dark ages and blood soaked pages, to pick out spot tests that suit you. Your god is a heresy, your religion a fallacy and your deliverance - a delusion. They fuck your mind until you're blind, headfirst Robin Hoods stealing from the poor to live like a king. "Wanna have salvation? Get on your knees, give me all your money and kiss the motherfuckin' ring." Help-seeking people look towards you for a handful of hope, but you just add god to their misery in the pursuit of your hegemony. I've seen people starving on the doorsteps of a million dollar church and a pastor looking to the sky, but not to pray, he just looked away.

(I'm a nihilistic, chaotic punk, so I don't care anyways)

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." - Howard Zinn Iron crosses turned to medals with yellow ribbons, swastikas to eagles. Warmonger's propaganda, it's entirely indifferent as long as everybody's believing all the lies that they're telling, buying all the products that they're selling. To feed young minds with hate, lies and prejudice, they're given a uniform, so they can hide in this disguise, but what they don't know is that their mind, heart, spirit and ambition dies on the battlefield amongst some political issue, on behalf of the greed of a ruling elite. I'm not a servant, I won't be trained to kill, I won't believe in these fake ideals. I still have a working mind and a free will. And there we are, calling to arms again, fighting a war for no reason but one: The hegemony of few. A nation trapped in self-delusion, unwilling to change. Patri(di)otic you follow blind, shun to think for yourself. You're governed by an elitist group, depredating, raping, killing, searching for idiots like you, who do not demand answers nor doubt. Who serve as tools so they maintain the power to oppress. The bludgeon of propaganda led us to one-sided violence, but there are ideas unsilenced. Some call it diversity, some call it disagreement. Some call it disagreement, some call it treason. Some've got a flag and some've got a reason.


"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian" - Sir Paul McCartney Our diets are dehumanized, still we look into inhuman eyes, ignoring helpless, painful cries. We're fed off with excuse and lies. No slaughterhouse is made of glass, as they're producing corpses by mass. Digging common graves till our hands are red, euphemisms cover the blood that's shed. This delusion of our minds led to a repression of our compassion, we're not shocked, if someone's wearing fur as an accessory of fashion. I'm writing this, because it took me 18 years to finally realize, that it's not arguable if for our pleasure or comfort any being dies. It's lives we treat as basic commodity, our blind eye to this genocide is not even an oddity. It's rape and murder we take for granted - compassion turned to the proverbial seed unplanted. (A house of bricks. Cages of steel. The pain they feel. The concrete ground. A hollow sound. Throats cut by knives. They're ending lives.) Oh, humanity can be so damn pathetic, scrawl blood into your face and call it cosmetic. Vivisect creatures just to stare at me in defiance, claim it's done for the survival of humankind and call it science. Serving the menu or just the mortician? You eat desecrated corpses and call it nutrition. How'd you like your raped carcass today? Roasted or fried? Thousands of biddies live in their own excrements in filthy sheds, think of your meals this week and count the severed heads. Pigs who aren't growing quickly enough are killed by being slammed headfirst against the concrete ground, another life, that ended without ever breathing fresh air. Just endless seeming suffering, then - a hollow sound. These sickening images rarely take a public toll. The "slaughter-cover-up machine" is spinning out of control. And so beings are still beaten to death with sticks, hidden in an industrial fortress - a house of bricks. It's the concrete walls that satisfy. No slaughterhouse is made of glass.


Listen to our album "Bystanders" for free.

It is available as Coloured Vinyl, CD and Download and comes with a pretty extensive booklet and lots of additional information! We are more than excited and couldn't be more happy about this!